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Welcome to JayLand!

Hello, my name is Jay. I am a Front-End web design based in Bristol UK. By front-end, I mean I code in HTMl, CSS, some JavaScript & PHP and make responsive, fast and beautiful websites. Contact me to find out how I can help your website grow.

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Easy 3-Step Process

It couldn't be any easier to get your ideas into code

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Tell me your ideas, show me examples and dream a little. I will work with you to get a design that you love, but is functional.

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I will design your website using the latest software so you can physically see your idea as it will look. Make your changes and get excited.

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I will code your website using the latest methods and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap etc.

One website. Many Devices.

Responsive web design means whether your user is looking at your website on their computer, tablet or phone, your website will look tailored to their devices.

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UI/UX Design

Give your brand the look it deserves. With the latest UI/UK techniques, help convert viewers into customers.

Latest Coding Techniques

By using the latest coding styles and techniques, we can give your website the fresh, updated look it deserves to have.

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What I Can Offer

Web Development

Clean, beautiful code means amazing functional websites. I can code using the latest most effective coding techniques to ensure your website looks as good as the idea.

Responsive Web Design

This makes your website look custome built for all device sizes. This makes your website look amazing whether its being viewed on an iPhone or laptop. Save money by having one website that does all, and not paying for expensive apps.

CMS Customisation

I have worked with CMS sites such as Magento, OpenCart, WordPress and Adobe Experience Manager and customised the pages such as product pages, homepages and checkouts.

Logo And Marketing Design

Not only can I design your logo, but I can design your marketing material for you too. That way, your brand theme is mirrored with the marketing giving your brand a fantastic, proffesional look.

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Recent Clients

Recent Website

Womens Coin website screenshot

Women's Coin

Women's Coin is a cryptocurrancy that aims to better the opertunities available to women.

Recent Client

Dyson logo


Dyson is among the world leaders in technology and aims to put itself on the same peddlestool as Apple and Bang & Olufson.

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Christine Bamford

CEO Women's Coin

Bristol based web design

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